Balbina Lightowler ist interested in generating “other spaces” and another way of perceiving and involving the spectator in his interaction with the  installation. Creating mysterious and disturbing places in order to provoke more questions than answers; raising multiple views and paths from where to approach it.
The argentine artist wants to achieve a spaciality where more than seeing we could perceive and intuit what is “visible in darkness”.
Images where nature fragments appear, sometimes recognizable and sometimes not; being on a transparent support, they overlap and reflect their shades of colors on wall and floor.
Lightowler is attracted to the idea of a theatrical and scenographical kind of space, a “mise-en-scene” were the artificial becomes evident and at the same time it makes us play the game and get lost in its corners.
As an inhabitant of a big city, she works on the idea of nature that is no longer there. Her approach is for the spectator to create their own “natural space” that metaphorizes a lost nature.
The tensions between figuration and abstraction, artificiality and reality, inner and exterior space, organic and geometric, nature and urban, are the protagonists.