Janine Machiedo is a freelance Fine Art Photographer located in Rheinhausen near Freiburg, Germany.

She often uses herself as the subject of her creations - exploring her inner feelings and developing her own unique self-portraiture style. The inspiration for her images often arises from personal experiences. Through creating self-portraits, she experiences herself on new levels and over time she has acquired a new consciousness of herself as an artist and as a person by discovering layers that she never knew existed. It helps her to constantly grow as a person and as an artist.

Her work is very intuitive, observant and honest. She creates storytelling images, including surreal elements, often combined with textures to create a painterly style. The visible reality is not enough for her, she wants to bring an element of magic into our daily lives. Photoshop is the perfect tool to make this happen. Her goal is to convey her feelings, stories, wishes and ever changing state of mind to the viewer... hoping they can identify with story she has created.

Drawn to psychology and philosophy, she is always eager to learn about the human nature with all its aspects of the "yin" and the "yang".
She wants to stay free in creating, free of expectations of others and courageous enough to change her artistic direction at any time.



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