Jonathan Apelbaum was born in Glasgow Scotland in 1992. When Jonathan was a young child his family moved to the suburbs of Paris. Jonathan soon came to find that traditional suburban life was not for him. In Jonathan's teenage years he started being intrigued with the intimate bonds between people close to him. Jonathan expressed his interest in human affection by sketching the interactions he witnessed. Although producing art capturing the passions humans feel towards one another was his dream, he knew his family would never accept him as an artist. Jonathan decided to study engineering and went to the universities ETH Zürich and TU Berlin. Once Jonathan completed his studies he was scrambling for a way to make his family happy and himself.
Jonathan decided to combine his art skills and engineering degree to produce artwork that features the best of both worlds. Jonathan is amongst the first to incorporate artificial intelligent technology in classic canvas paintings. Jonathan had his first solo exhibit in 2018 at Petersburg Art Space in Berlin and also exhibited at gallery z22 in 2019. Jonathan since then has created his studio and works with his team to continue his creative flow across multiple channels. Jonathan's upcoming shows will take place at ART Biesenthal, Provocateur Berlin, and KUNST/MITTE art fair. There will be several live performances taking place at the exhibitions.