07.11.2020 - 16.01.2021

Material and Spiritual - Transmutations

Art is a practice which reanimates the dead. Ashes and soot, mixed with water have been used since ancient times for painting and writing inks, in Asian cultures often the same thing. Brush strokes of burnt black evoking a tree in the wind, a waterfall, or a line of poetry. Indications of landscapes are evoked out of fine gauze. The delicate mesh is familiar to everyone: gauze bandages and the association with injury, wounding and healing is immediately apparent. Jinran Kim has long been drawn to household materials, using soap as a primary art material over many years: a room with soap floor, soap coffin, soap futon with light etc.

Since childhood we experienced in our life with many different Materials and this materials related particular Memories and Trauma and this connected our spiritual experience.  

activate a special kind of chemistry in our own living materiality, a thrill or chill of the transmutability of matter and form, and the ephemerality of life.  In this course we will explore this explosive expressive material of simple materials how we using techniques from  paintings and contemporary new materials