With his new paintings, BENKA tackles the confrontation between "reality and VR" thus denouncing the transformation of our world into an "on-screen society".


Drummer in many metal bands, such as the French metal band XTRUNK, with whom he recorded two albums and had many concerts throughout Europe, BENKA transfers his musical energy and his dynamic ways onto his canvases.


In this new series of paintings, BENKA embodies the raw, imperfect, trivial and incomplete side of human nature.


Thereby denouncing the flat, uniform, dry and boring side of our digital screen society and its sterile repetitive interfaces.


BENKA paints on raw canvas, invading them with stains and dirt from the floor of the studio.


Stretched on their frames, the canvas keep their structure, their rippels, their creases which contrast with the flat monotony of the screens.


These newest works by BENKA are a testament to hi acting out on his beliefs.


Large colorful color stripes next to abstract traces cohabit on a raw and undulated canvas. A permanent rift between chaos and obviousness. Everything blends together in a linguistic harmony spawned by the frank unconscious production of human beings.


Nothing is programmed like a machine could be. BENKA´s artistic process is governed by coincidence and his internal drive.


The different captchas used for the artworks´names, are for this artistic "John Connor" a way to symbolize a resistance against the robotisation of our world.


Captchas serve as a security check and consist of randomly arranged numbers and/or letters.


With captchas you can check if a human or a machine is involved.


These captchas are interpreted by BENKA and transformed into a symbol of his artistic struggle.


Energy, aggression, spontaneity, all gets mixed up in a coloured rhythm, revealing the human dimension of BENKA´s painting.


Born in Abu Dhabi in 1983 from a French mother and an Algerian father, BENKA is a self-taught painter who lives and works in Munich.




BENKA 2019

BENKA 2018