Danielle Benvenuto is a multimedia artist based in Berlin, Germany. Born in the US, she lived in NYC where she had a 15 year long career as a psychologist and energy healer. Over three years ago she left it all behind to pursue something deeper calling inside of her she had yet to define.


After a year of creating space to just be came the massive calling to make art. The calling was a surprising one. She never imagined her life taking this turn yet the profound sense of freedom she tasted leaving behind everything known to her inspired her to take another leap of faith. 


Over time this surrender to the unknown-the movement out of familiar patterns into the vulnerable space of unformulated ideas and emotions where the mind, body, and soul can truly awaken-has become the major driving force behind her art.


Her art therefore is an expression of the process of “being” and “becoming”. Her invitation is to show up as we are, in a heart-centered and embodied way to create lives that reflect our deepest desires.

She is known for her soul portraits where she brings in her work as a healer to create a painting which reflects your soul energy. On canvas is a design you can tune into as you would in nature or a mediation to align with your “true self”.